What colours can I wear for the office?

22 Aug What colours can I wear for the office?

Just as the style of your clothes influence people’s opinion of you, so do the colours you choose to wear. Colours are a reflection of your mood or personality so surely this could prove to be more of an issue to consider when stepping out of the door to go to work. A good way to explain this is to think how you feel at an interview if the person in front of you was wearing a bright red suit? Would you think “this person is reserved and undetermined?” I think not!

Our guide here provides a good outlook on certain colours and their associations in the office to help you choose which colour reflects the impression you would like to make that day!

Lets start with the most common… blacks and greys. Most people tend to go for these colours as they tend not to stand out and expose any personality. This could prove to be a negative in an interview but perhaps a positive when trying to be unintimidating in a meeting with younger employees.

If you are looking to make an impression of power, determination and authority, red is great colour. If too daring try toning this mood down slightly darker shades to stand out less whilst still evoking the same emotions. This would be a great to wear for meeting where you need to look confident – sales perhaps.  It implies positivity and excitement which cant be a bad thing in the office. Perhaps the negatives of this colour are that it could be viewed as being over confident and intimidating – you definitely do not want to be seen as overpowering and uncompromising so perhaps consider the occasion for this colour before wearing it to an important meeting with clients.

Blue is another favoured colour by working women. It doesn’t draw too much attention whilst still providing a bit more colour than the grey or black choice in your wardrobe. Blue is a great colour for all occasions and when in doubt.. always go for this colour. It is associated with relaxation and wisdom – a very approachable colour and could create emotions of trust! Brown and cream also have this effect but perhaps not as safe as the so frequent used blue. Dependent on how confident you are is probably how well these colours will come across.

If you work in a slightly less formal work environment, try brighter colours or pastels like pink or purple. These scream creativity and innovation! If these seem to bold for your work place, maybe try dark greens or purples… still showing a varied palet without the unprofessional connotations that go with lighter pinks and yellows.

A good rule of thumb is that if you want to incorporate colour into your work wardrobe but are unsure how they will come across, consider toning it down by choosing a darker shade of your favoured colour. And remember, when choosing your work suit… consider what impression and mood you want to create that day!