Henley Regatta Diary 2014

01 Aug Henley Regatta Diary 2014

Henley Regatta 2014 Diary

Wednesday 2nd July

Day number 1 of Henley 2014. So far no rain, yayyy!! and we hope it stays that way…Today is officially the launch of our new business Phoebe Lucas Designs and Club. Henley Royal Regatta couldn’t be a better place to launch our collection. Not only is it a high class event where the dress code for the enclosure is strict on hem line, blazers are to be worn BUT it’s also a rowing event, where most members of a boat club require a blazer…

Phoebe lucas designs therefore can provide for everyones needs at the regatta… Do you need a longer dress? Want to order a boat club blazer? We are here to provide help!!!

Thursday 3rd July

Wednesday of HRR is not known as one of the busiest of days, what with children in school, and the majority being at work. However, on this occasion there was an influx of companies using today as a corporate event.

The quietness of the day meant we could get to know our stand “neighbours”. To the right of us we had Willow and Warson. A new company like us with a great niche idea. They produced one off wooden bow ties. From afar, you couldn’t tell the difference, close up… a great conversation starter! We loved them!!

Today we found that the majority of interest channelled towards our PL brand. Many interested in the idea of their own one off suit. I presumed this was to do with most of the customers being from a corporate lifestyle and not a rowing background.

Friday 4th July

With the Crowds starting to pile in, and with our stand being near all the food stalls and bar, it was the perfect spot for catching the eye of potential clientele, not only that but we were able to do some sneaky people watching! Observing everyone’s attire was a great insight into what the latest fashion is. The intense heat meant that the maxi dresses and very summery outfits had escaped everyones wardrobe, it was great to see people looking so pretty!!!

Thanks to the outrageously beautiful hot weather our brightly coloured clothing stood out and was a real crowd pleaser with most women.

Frost and Dutch a company who shared our stand, also did incredibly well. Their turquoise and coral pendants really caught your eye, especially with the younger girls who seemed to really pick up on these. It was additional bonus that they complimented our range of clothing so well. We might have to double up more often!!? 🙂

Saturday 5th July

Today was our busiest day by far. Not only were many of the Oxford Brookes rowers here to pick up their ready made blazers, but there was also a lot of interest from other boat clubs in our Club brand! What was more apparent about our Club brand was the availability of our womens style boat club blazer. This old time tradition of having your club blazer is so apparent at Henley Royal Regatta, such an abundance of men and women wearing them at this event. It was great to see!!!

However, What seemed so insane to us, was the absence of a womens style jacket. There is no choice for women in this tradition which we think is crazy!! Wearing a boxy mans jacket wasn’t what we wanted to produce for women and therefore took this opportunity to manufacture our own style for our boat club clients.

Sunday 6th July

What started as a rainy empty regatta turned into a busy family day out. With so many outfits about, it really was a great day for people watching… or outfit watching in our case!! This whole event makes us feel the oncoming of a fashion blog to take place at every Henley Regatta… What to wear,… what NOT to wear…thoughts?!

Overall we were all so pleased with how our launch went! A great success which would not have happened had all of our friends and family not come down to support us!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to talk to us and look at our clothing! It was great to meet you all and look forward to seeing you and others again!!

Phoebe x