Fashion and Females in Sport

08 Aug Fashion and Females in Sport

Do sports women care about fashion.. or is it a pressure put on them through the increased televised coverage?


If the pressure of sporting performance wasn’t enough, women are now encountering the newest pressure on the scene…. looking good both in and out of the tracksuit.


What with the increase in televised coverage on sport,  it no wonder women are feeling the pressure to look their best. This doesn’t just stop on the track, water or bike…women in sport are now huge role models and with this comes an increased responsibility to look beautiful all the time.


How can these roles models do this?

Do they have enough time to spend looking in the mirror or choosing the perfect outfit. Polly Swann is a World Champion in rowing and also the face and model for Phoebe Lucas Designs. Polly training full time and rarely getting the opportunity to go out, finds that when she does get the opportunity it is something she enjoys to do. She enjoys the preparation of finding something perfect to wear, putting on makeup. “I find that with so few opportunities to socialize, the time we do get is something that I look forward to and definitely something I would take the time to get ready and shop for!”


The stigma that comes with women in sport is that they are uninterested in looking nice and fashion… when actually this generalization couldn’t be more wrong.


Another good example of this is tennis. Women tennis players have been shown to have a huge impact on the fashion world, examples being Chris Evert who teamed up with Tail Activewear to develop a collection of women’s tennis wear. These sporting women do care about what they look like and also seem to have a huge impact on the apparel they wear within their sport. For our designs, it was important to us that Polly also loved the clothes she was modeling… otherwise.. if she didn’t like them.. why should anyone else?

Why shouldn’t they care?

Just because you are doing a physical job like being a full time athlete, does that mean you cant like looking good – whether that’s girly, elegant or professional. Every woman should have their own image which they portrayed through their wardrobe.


Whether you’re a full time athlete, working in the city or stay at home mum, image is a huge part to a woman’s identity and therefore fashion can be a great tool to use to convey this.


Phoebe x